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How to get to Amarante?

Amarante is an historic town of the sub-region of Alto Tâmega in the North of Portugal.  It is located about 60 km away from Porto and 360 km from Lisbon.

By airplane:

The best airport option to Amarante is Porto (Sá Carneiro Airport) which is located 63 km away from the town or about 45 minutes by car.

Other options are the Santiago de Compostela Airport located 261 km from Amarante with a considerable number of flights to the major European airports; the Vigo Airport that only connects to Madrid and Paris, located 161 km away; and Lisbon (Humberto Delgado Airport) 354 km away from Amarante.

By car:

From Porto you should take the A4 leaving the freeway at the Amarante Este exit. The 60 km trip takes approximately 45 minutes. (Coming from the airport you should follow the direction Porto/Matosinhos/Maia and then enter the A4 highway)

From one of Galicia's airports (Vigo or Santiago de Compostela) you should take the EP-9 motorway and briefly take the A-55 until the Tui / Valença border. On the Portuguese side, take the A3 for about 70 km until the exit for Guimarães/Braga Sul/Celeirós. Then take the A11 towards Guimarães/Vila Real until the exit for the A7 towards Guimarães Sul. About 8 km ahead you should enter the A11 again at the exit for Felgueiras / Vizela. Finally you should converge with the A4, towards Vila Real/Amarante and after about 15 km exit towards Amarante Este.

From other points of Spain, two border points stand out: Vilar Formoso and Quintanilha. Coming from Vilar Formoso, take the A25 until the Viseu Norte / Sátão exit. After a short drive off the motorway following the IP5 and the EN16 you should take the A24 towards Vila Real. After about 80 km you should take the A4 towards Porto / Vila Real. Finally you should leave towards Amarante Este. If you come across the Quintanilha border you should take the A4 for about 1h30 (160 km) until the Amarante Este exit.

From Lisbon you should take the A1 and then converge with the A4 towards Vila Real. You should leave at the exit to Amarante Este. The trip takes about 3 hours.

By train:

Amarante is served by the Livração train station, located about 25 km from the town. This station is served by the Porto's urban trains. The trains, which are quite frequent, leave from Porto - São Bento station and can also be picked up at the Porto - Campanhã station. The trip lasts about 1 hour. (Note: Porto Subway connects the Airport with São Bento (1 line change - 40 minutes) and Campanhã (1 line change - 50 minutes)

It is also possible to connect from Lisbon and Valença, then take the train from Porto.

For more information go to www.cp.pt.

By bus:

The town of Amarante is served by a bus station. The company Rodonorte connects Porto to Amarante with almost hourly departures. The company also makes 4 daily direct bus connections from Lisbon. The Rede Expressos also makes frequent connections to Amarante from both Porto and Lisbon. In both cases the trips from Porto take about 1 hour and those from Lisbon around 5 hours.

The Rodonorte bus terminal is located at Rua do Ateneu Comercial do Porto Nr. 19, Porto, near the subway stations of Aliados and Bolhão (both around 5 minutes walking) and the São Bento subway and rail stations (around 7 minutes walking).

The Rede Expressos bus terminal is located at Campo 24 de Agosto Nr. 125, Porto,  around 10 minutes walking from the subway stations of Heroísmo and Bolhão, and about 20 minutes walking from the subway and train stations of Campanhã.

For more information go to www.rodonorte.pt or www.rede-expressos.pt

By shuttle:

The organisation of the LEADER Conference will provide a shuttle service between Porto Airport and Amarante. Schedules are still to be defined according to the arrival time of the majority of participants.


This conference will be held from 25 - 26 November in Amarante.